Royal Bontemps

The aim of Royal Bontemps is to give wine enthusiasts the opportunity to taste a wide selection of international varietals & fashionable blends grown in France’s outstanding wine regions. Our advantage is that we can offer amazing value for money combined with a premium & original brand designed to target the fastest-developing wine consumer segments.

Our winemakers have selected top-tier wines in iconic French wine regions with the most site-expressive offerings. The result is outstanding PGI wines from France.

We have given a lot of thought to our brand image for maximum marketing impact through use of premium packaging, fashionable labels & colors.

Our brand epitomises togetherness, friendship, casual occasions, sharing, a zest for life, and above all, the love of wine ! :) And to maximise the consumer experience, we have developed a unique selling proposition around our brand, encapsulating the idea of “French lifestyle with a twist”, aka the “Bontemps Lifestyle” which translates to letting the good times roll, or in French “Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler” (an expression that originated in Louisiana in the 17th Century during the reign of King Louis XIV). The “Bontemps Lifestyle” concept is designed to become an integral part of the  public psyche, synonymous with “having a good time whilst drinking French wine without having to worry about being a wine connoisseur.”  

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