Champagne Louis Balincourt

A great tale written in Champagne’s chalk

The Testu de Balincourt family descended from the French nobility class and had it’s roots in Anjou, Picardy and Champagne region. The name Testu alludes to the tenacious fighting spirit of the family's ancestors, many of whom were in the army. One example is Louis Testu. A cavalry officer, who became commander and later a Knight of the Order of Saint Michael in 1620

The duties he carried out at court as well as the advice he gave to the France monarchy earned him his status to nobility in 1625 and as an administrator to King Louis XIII. The title Lord of Balincourt was granted to him in July of the same year. As a token of gratitude for his bravery and loyalty, the king also offered him some land in Marne, where Louis Testu de Balincourt settled with his family.

Maison Louis Balincourt, founded in Châlons-en-Champagne in the heart of the Marne, produces in the purest tradition a champagne of great elegance and subtlety. Only first-pressed juices are selected for production. An ageing process is then used to develop all the richness of the aromas as well as to perfect maturity. And to ensure optimal maturity, the house conceals a real treasure "an underground old chalk quarry", operated in medieval times to supply stone for the construction of houses and churches, but also to erect the cathedral of Reims!


This World Heritage quarry (representing a storage capacity of 2 million bottles) are now used as cellars for the best Balincourt vintages . These vaulted pathways are also very popular with famous neighboring houses such as Joseph Perrier. It must be said that they allow the best vintages to be stored safely and at a constant humidity and temperature (10 ° C). It took no less to breathe the name of its latest cuvée 100% Chardonnay "Brut de craie" at Maison Balincourt. Elaborated with the same high standards of the greatest champagnes, this one is distinguished by it’s mature and complex aromas as well as it’s delicate finish. 


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