Champagne Louis Balincourt

Five centuries of history celebrated in a tribute label

The Testu de Balincourt family is descended from French nobility and has its roots in Anjou, Picardy and Champagne. The name Testu alludes to the dogged fighting spirit of the family's ancestors, many of whom were in the army. One example is Louis Testu. A cavalry brigadier, he became a commander and was made a Knight of the Order of Saint Michael in 1620.


The duties he performed at court as well as the advice he gave to the kings of France earned him his rise to the nobility in 1625 as secretary to King Louis XIII. The title of Lord of Balincourt was granted to him in July of the same year. As a token of gratitude for his loyalty and bravery, the king also gave him some land in Argers, Marne, where Louis Testu had Domaine de Quercus built in 1632. The name stems from Latin and refers to the many different species of oak trees. In fact, before it became a highly reputed vineyard, the estate's land was renowned for its lush vegetation and towering white oak trees.


The present-day vineyard extends over 27 hectares, bordered by ancient trees and shielded by a dense forest which provides a habitat for many wild animals. It is owned by Jean-Charles de Balincourt, who makes authentic Champagnes that are mindful of tradition and terroir. The Louis Balincourt label, designed as a tribute to his ancestor, is regularly acclaimed by the wine trade and recommended by a loyal clientele with particularly high standards.

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