The origins

Since Valentin MEYBLUM, winemaker in Erlenbach (Alsace) in the 17th century and contemporary of Louis XIV, the Sun King, the original family activity of wine production has expanded to the distillation of eaux de vie in 1862 to become more recently A dynamic and highly international trading group.


The MEYBLUM family is very attached to the land of its origins, Alsace. The MEYBLUM logo is thus overlooked by the three castles of Eguisheim.


Our logo - the three châteaux of Eguisheim

These three castles which stand out on the hill of Schlossberg (famous for its 1st Grand Cru born in 1975), dominate the plain of Alsace at 591m altitude. Theywere built between the 11th and the 12th century. In the center is the oldest, the Wahlenburg, with its seigniorial lodging, property of the Count of Eguisheim, Hugh IV. 


Then came the building of the castle located further north called the Dagsbourg. The third one called Weckmund was built in the 12th century. Today, there are only three pink sandstone dungeons that once formed a single castle, gradually destroyed and then abandoned from the 15th century.

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