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Private Label / OEM

We realize about 40% of our turnover by producing for our customers a complete range of still and sparkling wines in Private labels or developing for them; according to precise specifications; Customized products (OEM).

Do not hesitate to contact us for all your custom development projects, we will make every effort to provide you with a respectful response to your financial and qualitative imperatives.

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Stentz Washer-Dryer

French manufacturing (Alsace), Stentz is considered the world leader in the field of washing and drying bottles of wine. This equipment is essential to make sure each bottle is clean before entering the labelling machine.

Enos Spumante Capsule-Labeling Machine

Made in Italy, Enos Spumante is a versatile unit for still and sparkling wines. It has 4 installation heads for the complex aluminum capsules, the PVC capsules (heat-shrinkable) and finally 2 heads for the sparkling bottles caps. Regarding the labels dispenser, there are 3 heads for laying front label, back label and medal. A centering module also allows us to process embossed or armored bottles.

Robopac Ecoplat wrapping machine

Vertical stretchable film machine with turntable.


The new Ecoplat range is characterized by a new control system that makes it easy and intuitive to use the various functions available to ensure optimal pallet loading protection with a transparent or opaque film.

Temperature-controlled storage

Provision of storage box for Still and Sparkling wines.


Storage in our temperature controlled warehouse.