Our Company

Erik Meyblum (Président)

The MEYBLUM family from Alsace has been involved in producing and marketing wines and spirits since 1862.


The family tradition has been perpetuated from father to son for over 150 years and is now encapsulated in a range of champagne, wines and spirits covering the leading French appellations and wines from Italy and Spain.


Amongst our family group’s fortes is the ability to supply our clients with our own brands sourced primarily from Bordeaux as well as offering a bespoke wine development service for private labels/BOBs to cater for individual markets.


We are delighted to be able to share our passion for wines and spirits with you. Our experience and expertise grow from one generation to the next and allow us to successfully reconcile tradition and modernity.


Tradition, through the choice of wine regions, selection of the finest fruit with our winemakers and careful monitoring of the growers we partner with.


And modernity in winery management, winemaking and ageing for our wines where cutting-edge technology is used to ensure the highest standards year after year along with traceability and irreproachable quality control.

At the end of 2009, we established the marketing company MVP Wines – Meyblum Vineyards Partner- dedicated to exporting our full range of wines. The company also supplies a selection of estate and chateaux wines to complete our portfolio and cover the primary French appellations.


Finally, our passion for bubbles led us in 2020 to acquire incredible World Heritage chalk pits in Châlons-en-Champagne to locate our Champagne house Louis Balincourt there.