Champagne Rémy Chastellier

Uniting prestige and excellence

The Chastellier family stems from the French nobility. In 1723, Charles de Chastellier owned a namesake seigneury in the parish of Vieu-Vel, in Brittany. His son Amaury, a horseman of King Louis XVI, was appointed Grand Esquire of France in 1776. He was in charge of the royal stables of Versailles. Renowned for his hard work and leadership skills, he was appointed head of the King's Pages School in 1782. Located in Reims, the ‘City of Coronations’, the school trained future cavalry elite.

Just as all renowned Champagne’s, Rémy Chastellier champagnes are a blend of excellence and pleasure, produced on rich unique terroirs divided into 1er Crus and Grand Crus. These exceptional cuvées, obtained from sublime plots of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, require precise care and attention to detail as well as great patience. The grapes produced are always harvested manually, in order to preserve their quality. And thanks to a slow vinification, our champagne offers a slow and steady awakening of the aromas, therefore obtaining a quintessence of aromas expressed after maturation on lees for at least 24 months. This prolonged aging on racks gives the cuvée a great finesse and an authentic character.


The result of this long-term work is revealed in these magnificent cuvées which will undoubtedly accompany great moments of celebration. 


Rémy Chastellier range

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