Dom Caudron

The roots of Champagne Dom Caudron is located in Passy-Grigny in the Marne Valley where a famous priest, Aimé Caudron had a visionary and promising idea for its village vinegrowers.


In 1929, Dom Caudron gave them the idea of joining forces by combing their skills around the Meunier as a signature grape.


The vineyard originally covered 12 hectares. It now covers more than 130 in the Marne Valley’s hillsides with more than 60 vine growers involved in the movement (with sustainable viticulture). 


Combination of Meunier


  • Prédiction (Single Meunier)
    • 100% Meunier
    • Brut or Demi-Sec
  • Epicurienne (Meunier combine with old vines)
    • A selection of best Meunier from vines over 50 years old aged on lees after alcoholic fermentation.

-Fascinante (Rosé Brut )

  • 80% Meunier vinified into white wine, 10% Meunier vinified into red wine and 10% Chardonnay aged in oak barrels
  • Cornalyne (Meunier combined with Oak Barrel)
    • Cornalyne unveils a new side to Meunier by winemaking 50% of it in oak barrels. This Meunier combination is refreshing, delicate and complex. An original and gastronomic Blanc de Noirs for sophisticated palates!
  • Sublimité 50/50 (Vintage 2008 with a luxury gift box)
    • This vintage combines Meunier (50%) and Chardonnay (50%) aged in barrels from three Chardonnay wines. The time spent in the barrels enhances the village Chardonnay’s unique features: round and delicious. A unique and refined champagne aged on laths for 7 years.


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